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Medical Coding Outsourcing

World Outsourcing Resource center (WORC) gives you immediate access to full-time certified coders that are highly trained and skilled in all areas of medical coding.
In medical coding the need to organize and distinguish between complex medical procedures (CPT) and diagnosis (ICD) is important. The insurance coding procedure brings clarity and accuracy in a field which depends on accuracy. WORC provides access to experienced certified CPT and IDC9 coders with skills in over clinical specialties and subspecialties, and all hospital coding disciplines. WORC has the ability to serve medical groups, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, radiology facilities, pathology facilities and billing companies.Using our outsourced medical coding service you will be able to optimize your collections and minimize your turn around time via reducing your audit risks. If you are concerned that your coding is either down coded or you could have up coded ask us and we can help you achieve maximum results for your patient visits.

Medical coding problems most often involve either under coding or over coding. Under coding results in lost revenue and over coding results in denials and reviews by the insurance company. Being able to find the perfect balance involves a dedicated team of people and a lot of time. The time factor (in addition to expertise) is a significant value added component in our program, as we can provide more manpower for less. Our coding team can provide you with pre-coding and coding for medical facilities, physician offices; as well as all specialties including, radiology, pathology, orthopedics neurology and so on. We can provide coding for hospitals, physician offices, long term facilities, acute care facilities and so on.

Why outsource? Why WORC?
  • Better pricing
  • High QA control
  • Manage high volume of work without having to worry about turn around time.
  • Our coders are very often medical professionals in US and in India who are physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses and even physicians.
  • We can handle all specialties including Orthopedic coding, Radiology coding, Radiation Oncology coding, Chiropractic coding, Nuclear Medicine coding, Cardiology coding, Internal Medicine coding, ENT coding, Neurology coding, Podiatry coding, Pulmonary Medicine coding, Urology coding, obstetrics coding, anesthesia coding, pathology coding and so on.
  • Our medical coders are aware that Local Medical Review (LMR) policies differ and are checking authentic online LMR manuals relevant to the specific location/state/region.
  • Our medical coders are graduates who have real time experience in medical coding in an outsourced capacity.
  • We manage your coding solution through our network of support staff making sure that we manage your requirement in a timely manner.
  • We can work remotely for live coding as well as do coding with specified turnaround time.

WORC is an Indian company and we manage your challenges for you through our company. We are very well placed to provide you with medical coding service at and if you have question on how we can help you please contact us.