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Medical Billing and Collection Services

WORC provides resourceful, productive and complete financial cycle management for medical billing and collections accounts to medical practices. Our team is well experienced with medical billing outsourcing, medical insurance collection outsourcing, medical paper and Insurance electronic billing outsourcing, management of old accounts receivable collections, medical coding outsourcing and verification and authorization outsourcing. We utilize state of the art fiber networks; provide both paper and electronic claims. We are HIPAA compliant and set up to provide support for all major medical Insurance. We are competent to maximize your reimbursements. Our billing and collection specialists have several years of experience in their fields.
Our advantages include:

  • We flex our service to provide all (full cycle) or any one portion of your cycle; our goal is to meet your needs.

  • Flexibility in using medical billing software, we can use your current medical billing software or use ours.

  • Medical billing outsourcing can be done remotely, using the software of your choice.

  • We can also provide you with web based medical billing software, that may or may not be part of a complete EMR system.

  • Weekly and monthly reports which include productivity, projections, procedure code analysis, global pending problems and more.

  • Full financial cycle solution from demographic information gathering, insurance authorization to AR follow up

  • HIPAA compliance.

  • Every staff that handles your claim will have a minimum of bachelors degree

  • 24/7 customer support

We provide A-Z Services starting from the time your patient walks in the door. Our services include but are not limited to: insurance verification, authorization, reauthorization, coding, billing, collection, follow-up, re-submissions, patient billing, etc.. We are set up to do all factors in medical billing and collections required to maximize your reimbursement.
Being flexible in using software, we can use your current medical billing software. We can also, do remote billing (with the software of your choice). We are able to provide all services including, but not limited to: insurance verification, authorization, reauthorization, coding, medical billing, collection, follow-up, re-submissions, patient billing, etc.

How do we do it?

Using our resources we are able to bring highly qualified individuals and the best talent in the business. Our service is solution oriented and our intent is to provide you with the solution that you require. We can create a system which can take care of any specific need that you may have in your billing cycle or we can provide a full cycle billing solution. Our solutions can be customized for any type of medical facility. Some of the medical establishments that we have the expertise to support are:

  • Individual physicians
  • Physician groups
  • Multi specialty groups
  • Surgical centers
  • Clinics
  • Free standing diagnostic facilities
  • Long term care facilities
  • Acute care facilities
  • Hospitals

We can support all or any one of the services in the list below.. We want to customize your solution depending on your need.

Full financial Cycle
  • 1. Patient enrollment
  • 2. Insurance enrollment
  • 3. Scheduling
  • 4. Insurance verification
  • 5. Insurance authorizations
  • 6. Referrals
  • 7. Scheduling and Re-scheduling
  • 8. Coding
  • 9. Billing and reconciling of accounts.
  • 10. Collections
  • 11. AR collections

. For solutions for your business either contact us or e mail us at sales@worc.in